Weekly Updates - February 06, 2017

Dear Band Members,
We are very happy to introduce you to the first weekly newsletter of Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band!

With this newsletter, we aim to keep all our Band members informed about the latest happenings, events, and news within the community.


Budgets & Management Action Plan

As you may know, due to lack of reporting and audit of the financials on part of the previous Chief and Council, WPCIB has been placed under Management Action Plan by INAC. While we are able to retain our autonomy and stay out of co-management, we are must submit a Management Action plan within the next 30 days.

Presently the Chief and the Council are working closely with INAC and MNP to generate a beneficial budget for the next fiscal year. With the development and approval of the budget, we hope to take the step closer to our goal of developing the action plan.

Kinder Morgan Agreement

On a positive note, WPCIB have received significant funds from the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline agreement., A significant part of this money is being used to create a trust fund for Youth Training, Education, and Funds for Elders. Considerable funds are also being put aside for Capital Projects. Kinder Morgan is also committed to awarding contracts to businesses owned and operated by WPCIB members in addition to training our people and employing them during the pipeline construction projects. With this agreement, we hope to create mutually profitable business partnerships that’ll go a long way in benefiting our band.

Recovering Reports

The 2015 – 2016 INAC audit of our band management showed that we have a number of outstanding reports. We will be working hard in the coming days to get these all caught up. The INAC staff have been very helpful, understanding and supportive of Chief and Council’s proactive approach to meeting and working closely with INAC.

Economic Development

We have been meeting with many potential business partners with Chief and Council attending meetings in Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops and Vancouver.

We’ll keep updating you as and when these exciting opportunities take shape.

Asset List

The complete asset list for WPCIB has not been updated for many years now! As regrettable as it may be, we are missing out on valuable funding because of this.
Presently, we are in a process of getting this list up to date. We hope to complete this task soon!

Chief and Council Working with INAC

Except for all the activities mentioned, the Chief and Council are also working closely with INAC to formulate a strategic plan to deal with $2.6 million deficit left by the former Chief and Council.

We are also working on the required dyke repairs to benefit the entire community.

Wood Cutting

A big shout out to the younger members, namely Justin, JJ, Deuce and Kevin for rendering helping hands to the Elders and other community members in splitting and providing firewood.

Keep up the awesome work guys and we are all so proud of you!

Snow Removal

Our very own Jerry deserve special thanks for taking care of the roads. Kevin and Deuce have been shoveling the Elder’s sidewalks and steps.

Thanks a ton guys and of course you make us all proud!


Everyone please note that Patti is enjoying a well-deserved holiday and will not be available in office for couple of weeks.

Community Freezer

We have a community freezer loaded with some staples in the band office. We request all band members to feel free to avail this service should they ever need!

So, that’s all the updates for this week! We’ll send you more exciting news next week.

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