Weyk-t te Xwexwéyt-p, Hello to Everyone

We are the Pellt’iq’t people, “People of the White Earth” of Whispering Pines Clinton Indian Band. We are one of the seventeen Secwépemc Bands within our large nation.  Our people have lived, hunted, fished, gathered, created history and have been re-interred on our traditional lands of Secwepemcúlecw.  We are tied to our ancient Secwépemc Ancestors and lands through our long heritage of cultural activities, oral histories, stewardship practices and most of important, our elders’ knowledge that keeps being passed along to the next generations.  We have thousands of C7ístken’s, where our people have lived, thrived and protected all our land and sacred places.  The C7ístkens are an archaeological record of our existence on the land, but also sacred homes of our ancestors; please respect these cultural depressions on the land, no matter where you travel.


Through respect and guidance of the leaders and elders, we respectfully educate, guide and instil in our youth and members the value of our communities, culture, tradition and respect for the natural world and mother earth.  We teach our people to take an interest in our traditions; language, sacred grounds, fishing, hunting, gathering of traditional medicines and foods from the Tmícw (land), to protect and preserve our past and thrive into the future.


I am a proud advocate for the Pellt’iq’t people and our traditions.  Committed to strengthening our community, achieving self-sufficiency, self-governance, creating independence through education, economic development and resource management, for the Whispering Pines Clinton Indian Band.



Kukpi7 Steve Tresierra

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