The Whispering Pines / Clinton Indian Band Community

The Whispering Pines / Clinton Indian Band is located 35km north of Kamloops, on Westsyde Road. The Band was formerly known as the Clinton Band. The WP/CIB are known as the Pelltiq't People and are part of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council.

Secwepemc Language

Pelltiq't Logo

The Logo is a great representation of the Pelltiq't People, our great ancestors who held animal powers inherited from generation to generation from the great creator.

The following are the main animal powers that were held by our ancestors that are commemorated in our logo:

The Bear - Strength and family
The Wolf - Alertness and great instinct
The Eagle - Strength and freedom. This great symbol is utilized by all First Nations as a strong representative of what we stand for.
The Fish - Power to Heal, alertness, family and memory.
The Water - Is the giver of Life. This prodigious symbol is one of the four directions, a gift from the great creator.
The Pine Branch - The Territory of IR#4, our current location. This significant symbol was recently adopted by the fifth generation.
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